divendres, 23 de març de 2012

Jai Guru Deva Om.

Summer came, it took my by surprise,
The California sunshine in my eyes.
Laughing as we gazed under the moon,
You kissed me and it never felt to soon.

Ne jamais dire jamais.

Armand: Al, you old son of a bitch! How ya doin'? How do you feel about that call today? I mean the Dolphins! Fourth-and-three play on their 30 yard line with only 34 seconds to go! 
Albert: How do you think I feel? Betrayed, bewildered... wrong response?

When you're in love with a married man, you shouldn't wear mascara.

Emma Roberts at London Show Rooms' Party hosted by the Brittish Fashion Council. March 13, 2012.

A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite.

I'm a good friend and an excellent lover.

Love, L.