dimecres, 26 de gener de 2011


Today's publication, is going to be a little mix of every thing I found interesting this lasts days.

First, I'd like to show an It-Girl wearing an It-boots (UGG)!

Emma Watson in a normal cold-ordinary-shopping day wearing a perfect Outfit (love the jersey)

For the ones that waste 250 euros in a UGGS, doesn't figure in their plans, I bought some similars for just 14 in Natura Home! (sorry, can't find a pic, but they are pretty good)

Also, I found some cute-sweet things: 

(They are all in Oysho, and now that we can almost say goodbye to sales, I think that they  aren't going to be really expensive)

For this really cold days that are coming, I looked for a warmy-comfortable-lovely stuffs:

(mmm... there's nothing ike a  xocolate or  a Frapuccino this kind of days)

Eventually, the best look of the week (at least for me):

  Rose Bryne in Masters of Photography: A Journey exhibit    

Leave you here a song: