dilluns, 11 de juny de 2012

Madness, please.

Not because he's the singer of the breathtaking Indie Rock band One Night Only, or because he's a model for Burberry, but because he's my future husband, today I'm exclusively posting about... yes ladies, George Craig.

Tongue like electric, eyes like a child.

(I love every single song they've done, but this one is really good and it's featuring his ex-girlfriend Emma Watson, not to mention it's an adorable version of the lady and the tramp)

Have a nice week, thought watching George...who wouldn't?


dimarts, 5 de juny de 2012

Here's to taking it easy.


May has been a mess, but summer is on his way back, isn't he?
God save the sun.

My summer's must:

1. Beach, sweet beach:

We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number one
California here we come
Right back where we started from.

2. an intent of my future/expected 60's swimsuit:

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental,
But diamond's are a girl best friend.

3. thought I know I'll let myself fall in some of those Gilda/Pulp Fiction even Grease (to success in love make yourself a bitch) mythical afternoons during the summer, I have an amazing urge of re-watch "Whip it", just to say.

Oliver used to wear a Daniel Johnston t-shirt, that I really love now, so I'm posting my favourite song (of him):

(twisted meaning)

4. And a summer hit, wich is definetly going to be:

You're gone, gone, gone away,
I watched you disappeared.
All that's left is a ghost of you.